I currently work as an engineering manager at Databook, a salestech company.

I manage two teams of front end and full stack engineers, and juggle my time between the ceremonies of each.
Current work

One team is working on the account planning application.
We also crafted the email builder, with the help of one of our ML engineers, who joined the team for a few sprints to quickly incorporate generative AI into our application, enabling salespeople to quickly craft resonant and relevant emails to prospects.
We use react and node to build this, building out a graphQL data layer as we go.

Core Value
Another team is working on harmonizing the databook website and interface with the new account planning function, to encourage repeat visits, and help turn an account plan into a living document. This involves a lot of iterative design updates, as we are trying to change an app already in use. We don't want to scare away current users. This is also in react and node, with conversion of data access to graphQL (from older REST APIs) as needed.